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Fisher Law Office Services

Fisher Law Office can offer you legal advice and counsel between our offices serving Melville, Esterhazy and Area.   

We know that every case is unique and different. Our services are listed below to assist you in determining what you need to properly solve your matter.


  • Real Estate (Residential, Commercial and Agricultural), 

  • Leases,

  • Transfers,

  • Mortgages,

  • Agreements for Sale,

  • Offer to Purchase and

  • Surviving Joint Tenant Applications; 


  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements,

  • Separations,

  • Child & Spousal Support,

  • Interspousal Contracts and Divorce;


  • Business Incorporations including minute books,                           annual returns and resolutions.


  • Wills,

  • Power of Attorneys,

  • Health Care Directives,

  • Joint Tenancy,

  • Adult Guardianship Applications,

  • Administration of Estates including applications to court for Letters Probate and Letters of Administration;

The Collaborative Family Law process was designed and tested to keep you and your spouse out of the adversarial court system.


The Collaborative Family Law process protects the interests, dignity and confidentiality of everyone impacted by this family event.  It is a cost effective and transparent process designed to support well informed decisions in a settlement focused environment.  


To learn more about this process please visit  or contact Garnet at Fisher Law Office to assist you.

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